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From Java to Ruby

I got my first [books](http://pragmaticprogrammer.com/titles/fr_j2r/index.html) in this week. I’ve only got five, and they all go out to people who contributed interviews for the book. People are already talking about it.

  • It looks great! Ironically, this is my first book with a kayak on the cover (not even my idea, but I love it), but it has no kayaking stories in the book!
  • I flipped over to Amazon today, and notice there’s already a review. One star. From someone who admittedly didn’t buy the book, or read the book, and has only one five star review for a Java book and some other reviews for fiction. Big surprise. (You Ruby proponents: make your voice heard. If you buy the book, contribute an honest review.)
  • If you’re a member of a Ruby user’s group and want to review the book, let me know. I’ll hook you up with a free copy.
  • I’ve already heard from four readers. One is concerned about selling the ReST-based security model, but is perhaps more concerned with death-star style web services and the surrounding complexity.
  • Another reader is excited about the pilot strategies I lay out in chapter 5.
  • Still another reader (one of my core reviewers) has used the ideas to move a Ruby pilot forward in his company.
  • A fourth reader thinks From Java to Ruby should have been written to programmers, and have more technical examples. I considered writing such a book, but think there’s a bigger void in convincing management that Ruby is a viable choice.

I must say that after Barcelona and the feedback from readers of From Java to Ruby, I’m impressed with Ruby’s direction. Let me know what you think.